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Horrendous Indian acts of terrorism against Pakistani/Kashmiri civilians

Acts of terrorism carried out by RAW, India's intelligence agency, against
innocent civilians in Pakistan

Indian fighter jets shoot down unarmed Pakistan Navy plane on training
flight INSIDE Pakistan

Indian agents try to hijack Pakistan plane

Indian acts of terrorism inside Pakistan

Innocent Pakistani civilians languishing in Indian jails without trial or justice!

Indian lies about POWs still being held by Pakistan exposed!

You've Got (Black) Mail!

Pakistan High Commission staffers abducted and tortured by Indian intelligence agency!

India kidnaps and tortures Pakistani diplomats! NEW!

India does it again

Now India stands accused

The post September 11 Indian designs NEW!

Enough is Enough NEW!

Double Standards NEW!

Al-Qaida and India - Strange Bed Partners NEW!

Indian shelling kills Pakistani civilians NEW!

Indian war mongering despite Pakistani efforts to lower tensions NEW!

Indians abduct and murder Pakistani Ranger NEW!

Indian police murders two men in cold blood, then accuses them of being "Pakistani terrorists" NEW!