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Witness alleges Delhi shootout was a frame-up

Onkar Singh in New Delhi

The special cell of the Delhi police is looking for a doctor who claims to have witnessed the killing of two alleged Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists, Daoud Ali Ahmed and Izaz Ahmed, in Ansal Plaza shopping mall on November 3.

The police had framed the two men, the Delhi Mid-Day, an eveninger, quoted the doctor as saying.

They were empty-handed and were mercilessly beaten up before being shot, the report said.

He even claimed that officials pushed him aside when he tried to give his version to the television networks covering the incident live from Ansal Plaza, as Joint Commissioner (special cell) Neeraj Kumar was talking to newsmen.

Kumar told that the police has taken note of it and is searching for the witness.

"We are perturbed at the manner in which the whole incident is now being sought to be projected by some vested interests. We are trying to locate the doctor and we will definitely talk to him. We welcome anyone to join the investigations in case they have witnessed the shootout," he said.

He claimed that the two men had managed to give a slip to the police on two occasions.

"These were hardcore terrorists and we shudder to think what might have happened in case they managed to give us a slip this time as well. We had deployed 25 people on the job and had sealed all the four exit points in the basement of the Ansal Plaza shopping complex to prevent them from escaping," he said.

Asked if the police had a plan in case the two escaped again, Kumar said all possible contingencies had been thought of before the operation was launched.

He ridiculed the idea of arresting the two men alive.

"How can you arrest the terrorists who are firing at you? The problem with us is that we look for faults even when there is none. If the two had managed to escape and shot down shoppers then people would have asked why did you allow them to come out of the basement. Our officers have done a commendable job," he said.

The News International, Thursday, November 07, 2002
Burney announces to take two bodies back from India

LAHORE: Renowned human rights activist, Ansar Burney advocate on Wednesday asked the Indian government to provide him the details with proof of the nationality of the two innocent persons killed by the Indian armed forces in a New Delhi shopping mall last week.

In a letter to the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad, Ansar Burney demanded an impartial judicial inquiry in the brutal murder in the name of terrorism in India.

He said it is a joke that after killing these two innocent persons without any interrogation or proof, the Indian government claims that these two were terrorists and came from Pakistan to India to kill their deputy prime minister. "The horrible killing of two innocent human beings in India by its armed forces and such a drama requires an immediate international investigation," Burney said.

He said the Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International has already started its investigation in New Delhi into the killing. In his letter to the Indian government, he said: "It's a brutal murder of humanity and the international community, including the United Nations and its human rights commission, should take a note of it."

Burney also requested the relatives (if any) of these two unfortunate men in Pakistan, to contact the Trust at 6 Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road, Karachi; Phone: (021) 2623382, 2623383, 2626155 and mobile 0300 8243459.

DAWN, Saturday, November 09, 2002
Delhi encounter fake: official

By Jawed Naqvi

NEW DELHI, Nov 8: Pakistan on Thursday accused India of faking an encounter in which the Delhi police shot dead two men in a busy shopping complex on Sunday and rejected New Delhi's claim they were Pakistanis.

"I rejected the Indian contention that the two men were Pakistanis," Pakistan's acting high commissioner in Delhi Jaleel Abbas Jilani said. "I told them the entire evidence was faked by the police which itself is being accused by the Indian media of involvement in a fake encounter."

Jilani told Dawn that the Indian foreign ministry officials showed him pictures of the two men and of the incident, which he rejected right away.

An Indian doctor has claimed he witnessed the incident at Delhi's Ansal Plaza shopping complex where he said the two apparently drugged men were killed unarmed. But late on Thursday night senior journalist Kuldip Nayyar said Dr Hari Kumar, the self-proclaimed witness, had called Nayyar's wife to say his life was in danger.

"He called my wife in Delhi and said he could be eliminated," Nayyar said. Junior home minister I.D. Swami dismissed the claim as "yet another lie."

Delhi police have denied the doctor's claim and said partial details of the incident had been handed over to the National Human Rights Commission, showing that the shootout was genuine.

The alleged shootout has divided political parties as well as the media, with one side demanding a thorough and independent probe and the other claiming national security was under threat with "irresponsible claims being reported."

India Express, 16.18 IST 09th Nov 2002
Police harassing me: Ansal Plaza shootout ‘eyewitness’

By IndiaExpress Bureau

Dr. Hari Krishna, the “eyewitness” in the Ansal Plaza shootout case, has reportedly alleged that he has been subject to harassment by Delhi police ever since he disclosed that the encounter was all ‘stage-managed’.

Addressing a press conference after having been unreachable for many days, Krishna accused police of intimidating him. He said that the police officials belonging to the special branch came to his residence on November 5 and threatened him.

He added that many old cases against him had been reopened to malign him and that the police was spreading false rumors about his background.

Krishna reiterated his claim that the police had shot dead two unarmed men, allegedly belonging to Lashkar-e-Toiba, in the basement of the posh South Delhi shopping mall on November 3.

The police has denied these allegations, saying the matter is under National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) scrutiny.

The NHRC had earlier asked the Delhi police to provide Dr Krishna adequate security, following a petition by eminent journalists Kuldip Nayar and Prafful Bidwai, apprehending harassment by the police.

India Express, 20.38 IST 12th Nov 2002
‘Eye-witness’ to Ansal Plaza shootout moves NHRC

By IndiaExpress Bureau

‘Eye-witness’ to the Ansal Plaza shootout, Hari Krishna, has approached the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) seeking an investigation into the alleged encounter.

"How can Delhi Police, which itself is a party in the alleged encounter, be fair in investigating the matter. We have requested NHRC to give us an opportunity to record our statement before it or direct the police to hold an independent enquiry to note the true facts of alleged encounter," Mr. Krishna, who submitted his petition to the NHRC, told reporters.

Mr. Krishna, who was accompanied by a team of lawyers, for the first time seemed to soften his criticism of the Delhi Police saying, "For four officials of police, who are involved in the alleged encounter, one cannot blame the whole Delhi Police. Why you people are defaming the whole force?"

He also demanded stern action against the four officials, DCP Ashok Chand, ACP Rajbeer Singh and Inspectors Govind Sharma and Hirdyabhushan, for "obstructing course of justice."

Mr. Krishna refused to comment on the finding of the postmortem conducted on two terrorists, which contradicted his allegations.

Meanwhile, NHRC officials said Mr. Krishna, who was trying to get an appointment with Commission Chairman J S Verma since Monday, has been told to give a written complaint.

Press Release: Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International
Wednesday, 13 November 2002, 11:58 am

Delhi Police Encounter "Cold Blooded Murder"

Ansar Burney declares Delhi encounter as “cold blooded murder”
Facts finding report:

KARACHI: The renowned human and civil rights activist, Ansar Burney, Advocate has declared the Police encounter in a busy Delhi shopping mall, Ansal Plaza in New Delhi on Sunday, 3rd November, as fake, fabricated and stage-managed cold blooded murder of innocent humanity, after receiving the fact finding report from India.

According to Indian claims, the two men were militants, killed by the Indian Security Forces in the basement of a busy shopping mall. The men, said to be from Gujranwala and Kasur in Pakistan, were accused of being members of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and accused of planning to kill Indian Deputy Prime Minister L. K. Advani.

"We have received more information through our fact finding team from New Delhi, India. According to our new information, the encounter was totally fake; fabricated by Indian Intelligence agencies that have inhumanely killed two unarmed prisoners, who were already in their custody." Ansar Burney said.

Burney claimed that the two unknown unfortunates were already in the custody of Indian intelligence. They were brought in a car to Ansal Plaza shopping mall. Once there, the two were asked to come out from the car and then were fired upon and shot dead by police.

“Before taken to the encounter spot, we believe the two men were badly tortured. They were in such a state that they were unable to stand or walk properly. The men when coming out of the car were unarmed and seemed to be in severe pain.” Ansar Burney Trust fact finding mission reported from New Delhi.

The ABWT fact finding team also reported that even the Delhi Police Commissioner R. S. Gupta, when contacted, was unable to prove the encounter as genuine.

The report raises an important question; did New Delhi police have prior information that the terrorists are planning to storm Ansal Plaza? And, if yes, why were the so called militants allowed to come to a busy shopping plaza and not stopped before they actually went to the Plaza’s basement parking?

The report claims that the New Delhi police were unsure about the faces, car number, color of the car or any other details regarding the so-called terrorists. With no-evidence, it is hard to understand how the police were able to identify the persons.

The only other explanation is that they were murdered, and the whole incident was pre planed, the report explains.

“Actually, the two unfortunates brutally murdered as militants in New Delhi, belonged to a contingent of Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners, air-lifted by India from Northern Alliance prison at Bagram and Shibbergan in December 2001 and again in March 2002.” Ansar Burney claimed.

“Afterwards, these prisoners were shifted to different jails in India, including Jodhpur and Ranchi, under the supervision of Indian Intelligence agencies, who staged this brutal and inhumane drama.” Burney continued.

On December 05, the Ansar Burney Welfare Trust reported that an India plane landed at Bagram Air Base, some kilometers north of Afghanistan's Capital Kabul. The plane took on prisoners, believed to be prisoners of the Northern Alliance.

The airlift, reportedly took place when the international conference on the future political structure of Afghanistan was being held in Bonn, Germany.

“While the world's attention was focused on the German conference this clandestine move was made by the Indian Air Force with the active co-operation and participation of the Northern Alliance commanders" Ansar Burney said.

“The prisoners were then later involved in fabricated terrorist activities, which were blamed on Pakistan. The purpose, it seems, is to present these unfortunate prisoners as saboteurs, by creating incidents of violence in India in an attempt to involve Pakistan.”

“The current Delhi shootout and many other incidents, including the attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001, were all staged and the men blamed for these activities were already prisoners of the Indian Intelligence Agencies.” Burney claimed.

The Ansar Burney Welfare Trust has already informed the Pakistan government of its findings and report.

“I am sorry to say that Pakistan failed to take any step to save its own nationals and instead of demanding an enquiry from the International bodies against illegal and brutal acts against its nationals, the Pakistan government did not even bother to confirm whether the two prisoners killed in New Delhi were of Pakistani nationality.” Ansar Burney added.

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust is reported to have informed the Indian Authorities that if the Pakistani government is not ready to take the dead bodies of two unfortunate persons, than in the greater interest of humanity and human rights, the Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International is ready to take these bodies back from India.

He asked the Indian Authorities to provide him with a date and time for the handover of the dead bodies of two innocent deceased prisoners.

“For now, we are searching for the families of these 2 unfortunate prisoners in Pakistan and planning to lodge our protest against Indian authorities in the United Nations and other platforms.” Ansar Burney said.

He requested the families of 2, killed in New Delhi, if any in India or Pakistan to contact "Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International" at 6 Hassan Manzil, Arambagh Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Phone: (021) 2623382, 2623383, 2626155 Fax: 2623384 and mobile 0300 8243459. Trust could also be contacted by email at and to provide the details.



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