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BBC, Feb 25, 2000, 20:24 GMT
India accused of Kashmir Massacre

Pakistan has accused Indian troops of killing 14 people and injuring at least five others in an attack on a small village near the Line of Control in Kashmir.

A number of women and children are reported to be among the victims of the attack in the Nakial sector on the Pakistani side of the line, about 300km (200 miles) south of Muzaffarabad.

An army spokesman said a large number of Indian troops crossed late at night and carried out the massacre.

Network News International, February 25, 2000
Killings to deteriorate regional security: FO

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Describing the massacre of 14 civilians along the Line of Control barbaric, Pakistan on Friday said it (the massacre) would deteriorate the regional situation.

At least 14 civilians were slaughtered and five others seriously wounded when the Indian troops shelled Lanjot Kainthi ville in Kotli sub sector at the Line of Control (LoC) on the night between Thursday and Friday. After the shelling, Indian troops crossed the LoC and massacred 14 innocent civilians.

A Foreign Office spokesman condemned the killing and described it as a provocative action. He said it was an open display of state terrorism. "Pakistan condemns this highly provocative act of state terrorism. It will further contribute to the vitation of the tense security situation in the region," the spokesman said. Indian troops came across the LoC in the Kotli sector and raided two isolated houses, the statement said.

"They have set about their brutal business of killing the sleeping civilians and after the inhuman act, slipped back into Indian-held territory," he said

He said that the Indian troops have repeated the barbarity they displayed in 1998 in Bandala by slaughtering more than 20 civilians. "The incident of the gory Bandala killings in April 1998 as the Indian troops again indulged in, cold blooded murder of 14 civilians, wheras 2 more were injured."

The News International, Sunday, February 27, 2000
Musharraf condemns Indian terrorism

Terms cold-blooded killing of AJK civilians 'act of frustration'; says Kashmir, Pakistan form a special relationship with no room for separation; Islamabad lodges strong protest with New Delhi

ISLAMABAD: Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf on Saturday condemned India's act of state-sponsored terrorism from across the Line of Control in Nakial sector in which Indian forces mercilessly killed 14 innocent civilians including children, women and old men.

He was addressing the annual session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Bar Council here at the Kashmir House. The chief executive termed Thursday night's cold-blooded killing of innocent civilians an "act of frustration", as India had failed to contain the indigenous uprising of the people of occupied Kashmir. "But these acts of terrorism cannot deter the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are struggling for their right to self-determination," he stated.

Gen Musharraf emphasised Kashmir was the core dispute between India and Pakistan and the world had also conceded to the fact. He said Kashmir and Pakistan formed a special relationship with no room for separation.

Earlier, AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmood appreciated the chief executive's forthright and bold stand on Kashmir issue. "The unambiguous stand that there is no dispute between India and Pakistan except the Kashmir issue has both inspired the Kashmiris and underlined the importance of the dispute internationally."

The session also offered Fateha for the victims of the massacre. Meanwhile, Pakistan lodged a strong protest with the government of India, condemning the gruesome massacre of 14 innocent civilians in Kotli sector of Azad Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian security forces on Thursday night.

The Indian deputy high commissioner was summoned to the Foreign Office and handed over a protest note, which, inter alia, stated that this was a barbaric act of state terrorism across the Line of Control, a Foreign Office statement said. "It also constituted a blatant violation of the Line of Control," it added.

The Indian official was told to convey to his government that such dastardly acts, in the wake of the belligerent and provocative statements by the Indian leadership, would contribute further to the vitiation of the tense security situation in the region. The government of India was asked to desist from such provocative acts, which constitute a serious threat to regional peace and security.

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