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Indian lies exposed!

The Tale of the Bungled "Hijack" Drama and other Stories...

By J Simpson for The Indian Terrorism Page, October 06, 2001

Why is it that whenever India is cornered with regard to her brutal crimes in Kashmir, one of her planes gets hijacked? And why is there always some spectacular, conveniently timed, "terrorist attack" carried out by "Kashmiri terrorists" whenever India is in need of diplomatic points? Consider the following incidents:

Shortly before the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, a group of Kashmiris
"hijacked" an Indian passenger plane and forced it to land in Lahore, Pakistan. India later used this excuse to block all Pakistani air traffic between West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). It is now established that those hijackers were working for Indian intelligence agencies and the purpose of the "hijack" was to malign Pakistan and thus create an excuse to attack her shortly afterwards.

In December 1999,
another Indian passenger plane was "hijacked" and first flown to Pakistan, then to the United Arab Emirates and finally to Afghanistan. Again, the hijackers were supposedly Kashmiris demanding the release of some comrades from Indian jails. Also this "hijack" drama had clear evidence of Indian involvement.

In March 2000, just when President Clinton of the USA was visiting India, 35 Sikhs in Indian-occupied Kashmir were killed by "foreign militants". Again India immediately accused Pakistan of masterminding this act of terrorism. India even claimed to have hunted down and killed the fictitious Pakistan-sponsored culprits shortly after this gruesome massacre. Too bad that the relatives of the "culprits" spoke up and told the world that their loved ones were no terrorists but innocent Kashmiri civilians who were shot by the Indian army in cold blood to produce "evidence" linking Pakistan to the
massacre of the 35 Sikhs. Even the Sikh survivors of the massacre told reporters that it indeed was the Indian army, and not the Kashmiri fighters, who had gunned down those 35 Sikh villagers in Chittisinghpura.

Then, in August 2000,
about 100 people were gunned down in Pahalgam, Kashmir. Again, India accused Pakistan and the Kashmiri freedom fighters. Prime Minister Vajpayee of India promptly arrived at the scene of the crime and delivered a fiery speech in which he accused and threatened Pakistan. But even during his speech the relatives of the victims kept shouting at him that it was not the freedom fighters but rather the Indian police and paramilitary forces that had killed their loved ones.

On October 01, 2001, over 30 people were killed and many more injured after suicide bombers blew up a car outside Indian-occupied Kashmir's Legislative Assembly. Right away the Indians knew who was to blame: The attack was carried out by Jaish-e-Mohammad, an organization fighting Indian occupation of Kashmir. The Indians also provided the name of the suicide bomber and claimed that he hailed from Pakistan. Very conveniently, right after the blast somebody from Jaish-e-Mohammad supposedly called and claimed that his organization had indeed carried out the attack. Now, the Indian script writers who wrote and staged this third-rate drama overlooked the fact that Kashmiri freedom fighters never release personal information about their members. Nor did they consider the fact that suicide bombings have never been used in Kashmir. They also did not seem to bother with the fact that Jaish-e-Mohammad in a press release strongly condemned this attack and denied any responsibility. Also, if the attackers had the intelligence and means to carry out such an attack then why were they not aware of the fact that Kashmir Legislative Assembly building was being renovated and therefore the meeting was taking place in another location? The only people present in the building were maintenance workers and some junior officials.

As if this was not enough, India decided to throw in another "hijacking" to try to convince the world about Pakistan's involvement in world terrorism. State-run Indian Airlines supposedly received a telephone call right before midnight on Wednesday October 3 that a plane would be seized in mid-flight by terrorists. The Indian propaganda machinery went into overdrive:
An Air Alliance flight en route from Bombay to Delhi was "hijacked" by "two men who spoke broken English" and forced to land in Delhi. The hijackers were apparently asking about maps and information about Pakistani airports in Lahore and Karachi. However, when asked by the international media what the "hijackers" were demanding, the Indians answered with a deafening silence.

Pakistan, alarmed by the mischievous designs of the Indian authorities, promptly closed off its airspace and warned that under no circumstances would this Indian plane be allowed to enter Pakistan. According to informed sources in Pakistan, the US realized that the Indian intelligence agencies and government were staging this fake hijack to malign Pakistan. Therefore, Washington warned New Delhi to back off and stop this charade. Realizing that their drama was failing, the Indians panicked and started to spew out one excuse after the other to deceive the world and avoid being made the laughing stock of the world. Some government officials were saying that this episode had happened due to confusion created by an anonymous prank call to the aviation authorities. Others were trying to convince the world that there really had been a threat to the passengers and crew aboard the "hijacked" plane. Others again were claiming that this was all part of a live exercise to test the abilities of India's anti-terror units! The world, however, did not buy any of these excuses and rejected the pathetic Indian lies. Most vivid was the reaction of a Western journalist at Delhi airport, who said that this latest charade of the Indians was "disgusting and shameful".

For any human being who is able to think in a coherent and rational fashion it is clear that the Indians are the real culprits behind the suicide attack on the Kashmir Assembly and the "hijack" of the Alliance Air plane. By blaming the Kashmiris and Pakistanis for these terrorist attacks India is trying to malign the just and heroic freedom struggle of the Kashmiris. In addition, she is callously playing on the raw emotions in the West after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. By portraying the Kashmiris as terrorists and criminals who do not shy away from bombing and killing civilians, India is hoping that the US and the rest of the world will equate Kashmir's freedom struggle with terrorism and that this will lead to US clamping down on the Kashmiris as well in its war on terrorism. One can only hope that USA and the entire world community can see through India's blatant lies.

Pakistanis in general know India to be an aggressive, cruel and conniving neighbor, prone to act on whims, and a malicious liar. They have seen many examples of Indian behavior to come to this conclusion. In 1971 India attacked Pakistan and dismembered it. In 1984 India occupied Pakistan's Siachen glacier. In 1998 India detonated several nuclear devices and immediately afterwards threatened Pakistan with nuclear strikes.

The need of the hour is for the world to realize that it cannot afford to let India get away with such behavior any longer. India is a terrorist state with a huge weapons arsenal, including nuclear-tipped missiles, at her disposal. One shudders at the thought of what outrageous stunt India will try to pull on the world in the future. To avoid a major catastrophe caused by India's increasingly belligerent, psychopathic and irresponsible attitude, the world must de-fang and de-claw her before it is too late.


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