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Hindu Extremism On The Rise In India

The burden of history

India: Signs of the inevitable and necessary break-up 1

India: Signs of the inevitable and necessary break-up 2

India's Hindu Extremist Groups NEW!

Indian Hindu Extremist Groups Receiving Funds From Hindus in Europe and North-America! NEW!

Thugs in Delhi Fort

Militant Hinduism takes center stage again

Unbridled juggernaut of Hindu terrorism

Reaping what you sow

Breeding little hawks

India turned Kashmir into the bitter place it is now

VHP be declared terrorist: US forum NEW!

Ayodhya: Violence flares on a nation's holy ground

In the shadow of Shiva

Democracy: Who's She When She's At Home? by Arundhati Roy NEW!

Fascism's Firm Footprint in India by Arundhati Roy NEW!

Marketing Fascism As Hindutva by Shamsul Islam NEW!

Demographic Lies and Demonisation by Ram Puniyani NEW!

For Dissent Against Hindu Extremism by Angana Chatterji NEW!

Hijacking India's History by Kai Friese NEW!