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Images of a Genocide: Muslims Massacred by Indian Hindu Extremists


AHMEDABAD INDIA: An Indian Muslim stranded on the first floor of his house and surrounded by Hindu extremists, begs them not to burn his family and house on March 01, 2002. The police was standing by, watching the tragedy unfold without lifting a finger to help this man. Moments after this picture was taken, the man, along with his entire family was burnt to death by the Hindu mob, and his house looted.



Hindu mob burning Muslim property. (



Hindu mob looting Muslim property. (



The real face of secular, democratic India ... Hindu crowds thirsting for the blood of Muslims. (



Muslim boy Afsan, 5, a victim of Hindu-Muslim riots, cries in a pain as his father helps him to sit at a hospital in Ahmadabad, India Monday March 4, 2002.



A policeman walks past a burned body at Naroda Paldi in Ahmedabad on 2 March 2002. Over 200 Muslim houses were burnt down in which over 25 people were burnt alive in retalitation to the attack on the Sabarmati Express in Gujarat which left at least 58 people dead - mostly Hindu activists. Police put the state-wide toll in rioting since the train massacre at 258, with 208 dead in Ahmedabad alone. (AFP)


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