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Pakistan News Service, Updated on 2001-10-08 16:26:27

Bahenji urges world to take notice of Indian state terrorism

SRINAGAR, October 08 (PNS): Head of Indian held Kashmir Mass Movement Farida Bahenji has urged the international community to take notice of Indian state terrorism and work out any immediate solution of Kashmir problem for enduring regional peace.

In a telephonic conversation with PNS on Sunday, she expressed that India would never succeed in its efforts to label Kashmiri freedom struggle as terrorism by its baseless propaganda.

"India is trying to gather sympathies of the world by associating the link of every unpleasant incident occurring inside India to Kashmiris and Pakistanis instead of acknowledging the ground realities", she said.

She emphasised that Kashmiris have been fighting for their right of self-determination approved under UN charter and pledged by India in United Nations.

"World is fully aware the distinction between freedom struggle and terrorism", she remarked. "The struggle to achieve basic human rights and committing terrorism are entirely two different phenomenon", she added.

She appreciated the decision taken by President Pervez Musharraf in current critical situation to stand by the world community.

Commenting over the attack on assembly building at Srinagar, she attributed the incident to Indian intelligence agencies and denied any Kashmiri organisation's involvement in the mishap.

"Kashmir freedom struggle is an indigenous movement and no foreign hand is involved in it" she expressed while denouncing the Indian negative propaganda to give a bad name to Pakistan and freedom movement.

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