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in the House of Representatives

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2000

Mr. DOOLITTLE. Mr. Speaker, I was distressed to read some recent articles showing that the repression of Christians in India continues. The RSS, the parent organization of the ruling BJP, has apparently published a booklet on how to besmirch Christians.

According to an article in the May 5 issue of India Abroad, the RSS has published a booklet on how to implicate Christians and other minorities in false criminal cases. It cites a Hindustan Times report that says the booklet, entitled 'Save Hindus Attacks and Laws,' contains 'guidelines for framing charges, false as well as genuine, against minorities.' The booklet has been in circulation for three months, according to the article.

If India cannot learn religious tolerance, it is not deserving of the support of the free countries of the world. It is time to declare India a violator of religious liberty and other human rights until the situation improves. India should allow Amnesty International into Punjab and other troubled states to conduct an independent human-rights investigation.

This has not happened since 1978. What is 'the world's largest democracy' hiding? India should also hold a free and fair plebiscite on the question of independence for Khalistan, Kashmir, Nagaland, and the other states seeking their freedom from India .

in the House of Representatives


Mr. TOWNS. Mr. Speaker, on May 31 reported that a May 21 bomb blast that injured 30 Christians during a prayer meeting was apparently carried out by the RSS, the pro-Fascist, militant Hindu fundamentalist organization that is the parent organization of the BJP, the party that leads India's government.

According to the Newsroom report, which was brought to me by the President of the Council of Khalistan, Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh, the bomb exploded during a meeting of the Women's Club, a Christian group. An extensive investigation by the All-India Christian Conference showed that the Sangh Parivar, a branch of the RSS, was responsible for the incident despite police claims that it came about as a result of strife within the Christian community. The Catholic Bishops' Conference has written to the Indian government demanding action.

This bombing is the latest in a string of violent attacks on Christians and other religious minorities. According to the article, 'the community is being threatened with anonymous letters and telephone calls ordering citizens to stop Christian prayers.' Anti-Christian slogans have been painted on walls all over town.

In the light of incidents like this against Christians, Sikhs , Muslims, and other minorities, the United States must act. Our aid to India , one of the largest recipients of American aid, must be stopped until all people's rights are respected. India should be declared a terrorist state and punished accordingly. Congress should call for a free and fair plebiscite under international supervision to allow the Christians, Sikhs , and other minority nations under Indian rule to enjoy self-determination, as a democracy should.

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