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During President Clinton's visit to India in March 2000 the Indian secret agencies massacred 35 Sikh villagers in Kashmir and then blamed the Kashmiri freedom fighters for this barbaric act. The below news piece is taken from, March 26, 2000 and according to the Indian government's plot, it points the finger at the Kashmiri Mujahideen:

Five mercenaries behind Sikh massacre killed

SRINAGAR, MARCH 25: Five top foreign mercenaries, suspected to be involved in the massacre of 35 Sikhs in the Kashmir Valley early this week, were on Saturday killed in a gun-battle with security forces at Panchaltran, 82 km from here, a Defence Ministry spokesperson here said.

All the militants were in combat uniform and involved in the March 20 night massacre at Chattisinghpura village, 70 km from here, in Anantnag district, he said. He said five rifles, two wireless sets and five grenades were recovered from the militants' hideout which was blasted by security forces.

Police did not rule out the possibility of more militants being involved in the encounter as the operation was still continuing.

Acting on a tip-off provided by
Mohammad Yaqoob Wagey, who is believed to have taken part in the massacre and was arrested by the authorities on Thursday, the security forces cordoned off the house where the militants were hiding and launched the operation to flush them out ensuing a heavy gun battle between the two sides.

However, the Indian lie was quickly exposed as the Kashmiris and even the Sikhs themselves accused the Indian forces for this heinous act. Rattled by this development,
the Indians shot dead 5 Kashmiri civilians in a fake encounter and claimed them to be Kashmiri Mujahideen responsible for killing the 35 Sikhs. However, people protested against this blatant lie and the bodies of these 5 men were exhumed and examined by forensic experts. It was established beyond any doubt that these men were innocent and that they had been liquidated as part of the Indian game plan. It also became clear that the Indian government tried to falsify evidence in order to blame these five men. Thus, the entire world came to know of India's lies with regard to Kashmir.

For a detailed account of what really happened, read
Valley of Death, an article written by Pankaj Mishra. Especially note the name of the person high-lighted in the above news piece and how the Indian authorities falsely accused this innocent man of having taken part in the massacre.

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