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Council of Khalistan
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December 3, 1999

A New Millennium: A Time for Freedom

Now is the Time to Liberate Khalistan

Khalsa Ji:

We are entering a new century and a new millennium. This century will bring Sikhs back our lost sovereignty. We all pray to the Guru "Raj Kare Ga Khalsa" every morning and evening. Now is the time when we must step forward as committed Sikhs and keep our promise to the Guru. Now is the time to reclaim our freedom.

Guru gave the Sikh Nation sovereignty and without sovereignty a Sikh is incomplete. Sikhs are instructed to remain free always. The Gurus from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh established that the Sikh Nation was evolved as a sovereign, independent nation. It is time to reclaim the freedom that is our birthright. We must work to regain our lost sovereignty.

Despite the efforts of the Hindutva crowd, India is not one country. It is an empire of many countries thrown together by the British for their administrative convenience. Many experts have been predicting the breakup of India for several years. The political and ethnic instability in India makes the inevitable breakup of India likely to come about sooner. This is our time. We must seize the opportunity to free our homeland, Punjab, Khalistan. The Sikh Nation needs unity to achieve this.

Sikhs are culturally, linguistically, and religiously distinct from Hindustan. The population is about two-thirds Sikh.

The Sikh Nation ruled Punjab from 1710 to 1716. Sikh rule was re-established in 1765, lasting until the British conquest of 1849. Economically and militarily, Punjab was very strong. It was recognized by all the major powers of the world at the time. Since then, the Sikh Nation has struggled to regain our lost sovereignty.

On October 7, 1987, the representatives of the Sikh Nation, the Panthic Committee, declared the independence of our homeland, Khalistan. No Sikh has ever signed the Indian constitution.

When India achieved its independence, three nations were to receive sovereign power. The Muslims received Pakistan, the Hindus received India, and Sikhs took their share with India on the promise that no law affecting Sikh rights would be passed without our consent. That promise was not kept; instead, India began its effort to wipe out the Sikhs.

The rise of "Hindu, Hindi, Hindutva, Hindu Rashtra" only guarantees that India's repression and genocide against the Sikhs in Punjab, Khalistan will get worse. The only way to stop the genocide against our Sikh brethren is to liberate Khalistan now.

The Indian government has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs in their effort to create a fear psychosis and destroy the Sikh freedom movement. Tens of thousands of Sikh youth are being held as political prisoners without charge or trial. Some of them have been in illegal custody for 15 years. India claims that the struggle for independence is over. If that is the case, why doesn't "the world's largest democracy" hold a plebiscite there to decide the issue?

The current Sikh leadership in Punjab is under the control of the Indian government. They cannot be trusted to do anything to advance the real interests of the Sikh Nation. We must take freedom for ourselves. We should form a Khalsa Raj Party in Punjab to lead a Shantmai Morcha to liberate Khalistan.

The Sikhs outside Punjab must take the lead. Without our efforts, the Indian government will continue its repression and genocide against our Sikh brethren.

Sikhs have defended Hindus when they were oppressed because Sikhs oppose oppression wherever it rears its ugly head. Now the Hindus are the oppressors, not only of the Sikhs, but of Muslims, Christians, and others. As U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said, for Sikhs and Kashmiris, "India might as well be Nazi Germany." It is our duty to oppose their oppression, not to connive with it as the Akali leaders have done. When will Sikh leaders stand up against the oppression of our fellow Sikhs?

It is time to stop waiting for the leadership to free our homeland. We must take matters into our own hands. The time has come to stand up for Sikh sovereignty in a free and independent Khalistan. It is time for a Shantmai Morcha to liberate Khalistan. This is crucial. Don't let the opportunity pass. Remember our history: "Khalsa Bagi Yan Badshah." Let the new millennium be the Sikh Nation's millennium of freedom.


Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh, President - Council of Khalistan

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